Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekends indeed

Mangoat pointed out Skywire. Fun. Up and Down Arrows to move.
These 360 degree pictures are neat.
This guy should be more famous, considering what he managed to accomplish.
Neat! Flight simulator over Google Maps.
Here's another game: Crazy Flasher. It's not what it sounds like. It's actually, well, it's a fighting game.
Guy built a Lego robot to bowl a perfect Wii bowling game.
Haha. Scary movie trailer ahead. And funny. Coming out on 4/20 for a reason. If you don't know, don't ask.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday in the state where the Spurs play.

Here's a horrible story with a fantastic picture.

This one's for Mom and Pops. Truckers Restaurant Reviews. Actually, everyone should check that out if you're going to eat somewhere. Anywhere. In the country.
This is bizarre, but strangely fascinating. Watch people make posts to Twitter, in real time.
CReAte Your Own Newspaper. CRAYON.
Cover art for the British version of Harry Potter released.
Make your computer say things. In different voices.
Mad Driving Skillz.
This is for the Wednesday night crew. I Can Has Cheezburger?
And for those of you who wanted to see them, here are all the RPG motivational posters. (Warning, some of the things may not be safe for work).
Jason Bourne is back.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


You couldn't even make up stuff this good.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Balls of Fury! (Don't worry, it's not porn.)
J.R.R. Tolkien's son (Christopher, if you're wondering) puts together his pop's notes and publishes a new Tolkien book.
I have no idea what this guy is talking about. But he throws techno-speak around so casually I can't help but laugh. Well worth the 2 minutes it takes to watch and try to figure out what he's saying.
Oh, Simpsons, I miss when you were this funny. Ammendment to Be, a schoolhouse rock parody.
28 Weeks Later... Man, I like zombie movies.
Did we all just give up and decide Anthony Hopkins was Creepy Guy? Is that it? Was it too much Hannibal Lector?
Haha! Larpers.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Looking for some Feedback

Before we get to the links today, I have added a Snap preview to all the links on the page. Someone tell me if that's annoying or if you like it please.

How to make Pancakes like a drug addict.
I don't watch SNL as a rule, but this Peyton Manning bit was fantastic.
Haha, dogs are dumb. And they play virtual soccer!
Think you're so smart? Try Einstein's puzzle.
Now here's a good idea. Make Congress READ THE BILLS they pass.
Yo. It's the 10 most magnificent trees in the world.
Hey! You can play Risk online, multiplayer, in just 5 minute moves a day! Join Conquer Club!
Test your world geography skills. Alone, or against another player.

Lots of stuff for a Saturday

I read this book a few years ago and I thought, "They could never make that a movie." Well. They did. Stardust. (By Neil Gaman).
It's the final Spider-Man 3 trailer. Ooh. Venom.
Day Watch. Weird Russian matrix-y vampire-y action-y something or other movie.
You see, when Jet Li said he wasn't doing any more action movies, what he meant was, "Except for the Mummy 3."
Oh, and apparently he's doing a movie with Jackie Chan.
Great Daily Show clip about Viacom, Google, and Youtube, and a lawsuit, and...none of that's important. Daily Show is funny.
Thunderheart sent me these neat little reference tools for checking out important things on Digg.
I was fascinated by this. Bruce Lee's Screen Test for the part of Kato in the Green Hornet. (Originally from Mangoat)
Also from Mangoat, the Animalympics are now on Youtube.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Howell III

Don't click this link yet! Prepare yourself. You only get 10 minutes! Do you know all the states?
Was that too easy for you? Try the world's hardest flash game. No, seriously.
Saturn looks neat.
This headline is fantastic.
Adam Sandler subs for David Letterman, Interviews his dog. And Don Cheadle.
How ridiculously good was Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl? Ask this video.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday Addams. Just Cause.

It's a Family Tree for Greek Gods. Maybe that's helpful. Or possibly, just more confusing.
This is mostly for my WoW playing homies. Musical Chairs in Karazhan. (Some Not Safe For Work language).
Play some Boomshine. If you dare!
Mmmm....deep fried cheeseburgers. No diet can hold me!
This is vaguely disturbing, slightly disgusting, and never by canned fish in Russia. That is all.
Let's get that disturbing image out of our mind with Smurfs. Um...Smurfs in German. Well, uh...Smurfs in German, rapping. You might say. (Yeah, I can't explain this one).
Haha! This will take care of those pesky carjackers!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Goodies

Did you see 300? I did. It was awesome. The guy who was the lead? Gerard Butler. What's he gonna do now? He's gonna be Snake Plissken, of course.
I guess if they can make a Transformers movie, Voltron wasn't far behind, eh?
This game is called Balls! It's like a mosh-pit simulator.
As a fan of Big Trouble In Little China, this website made me happy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weekend Wupdate

Watch two worlds collide. Ice Ice Baby in Sign Language.
This is Koji Kondo. He wrote a song you might have heard once or twice...
Speaking of which. Needs more Drums.
Disney is introducing it's first Black Princess.
More Indiana Jones IV casting news. Cate Blanchett. She's in it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Woohah, Wednesday's Got You In Check

This squirrel is a little hammered...
Bling H20. 24$ bottled water. Hooray. We're all doomed.
Russian Cartoon featuring Sherlock Holmes. Don't worry, it's subtitled.
Learn how to SCREAM! You know, before you start your metal band.
Comedian Richard Jeni died. I really liked this guy growing up.
More Cute Cats. (And some dogs, too.)
This looks like a good book. My mom might be able to use it while driving around the country. :)
This blog has a 300 trailer (an R-rated one, don't watch it Kayla, yeah, right) and the test image of Rorschach from Watchmen. Awesome.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just chillaxing.

Stephen King confirms Dark Tower Movie, from the producers of Lost. Herm.
Don Cheadle is the awesome. And this is a movie I'd like to see.
Now here we go. The dude who directed 300 is doing Watchmen. Oh, let it be good...
Now that's a neat looking drink.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thursday, or something very much like it.

If you want to go surfing, and you don't have waves, you can use dynamite to make your own. (Nobody try this at home).
Holy Moledo, this table is awesome!
A list of things on Amazon that you should NOT buy. I think they're just test pages, but it's funny that you can get to them. The review of ASDFAS (Calendar) is fantastic. (link from mangoat)
This kind of thing fascinates me. Especially since I have kids. Essentially it's a research study explaining why you shouldn't just blindly praise kids for being smart. Very interesting. (also via mangoat)
Are people at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) talking about Macs? Maybe. (again with the mangoat)

Tuesday is Wow Patch Day

So, I'll bring you some other games to play while we wait for the servers to come back up and Druids to get nerfed...

Play Offsides. Get the little dudes to the right side of the box!
Or, try Drawplay. Warning, it's LOUD.
Hey, you can be a cowboy! Try Bang Howdy! From the makers of Puzzle Pirates.
Best. Nintendo Game. EVER. Tecmo Bowl. Enjoy.
Nation States, also called Jennifer Government.
I also enjoy the Sudoku.
I've linked some other games from this site, but here's their main list. LOTS of games here.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Shout Out from Sunsword. Word.

Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton. Genius.
More Jonathan Coulton Here. Don't miss out, this guy is the funny.
You need more evidence? Check out Code Monkey.
Japanese aerobics that teach you English. Man, I hope this is a joke. It's funny either way, but it's really just...go watch it.
Random Kitten Generator. So CUTE!