Monday, June 30, 2008

My Laker Depression Has Ended

I think I'm over it because Mom was here last week, and I've had Brandon and Kayla here, so that always makes me overly happy. They came just in time to cure me of my Laker Woes. (The Lakers will be back in the finals next year).

We had a great week with Mom and the kids. So much fun. I can't believe how little shopping we actually did, and on top of that we actually cooked food at home instead of going out most days! I know, it's crazy, right?

Plus, while she was here, me Allie and Mom sat around and watched the entire two season run of Sports Night. (Check it out if you haven't seen it, great show).

Now I'm heading back to work (and I'm glad about that too, in case I haven't mentioned it, I love my job). But just to let you know I haven't forgotten about the three or four of you who actually read this thing, here's some linkage:

I can't remember if I posted this or not before, but I'm posting it again anyway. It's the Supercook. It's fantastic. You give it a list of ingredients you have in your house and it tells you all the great food you can cook with it. Give it a try. It'll also tell you things like "You're only 1 ingredient away from being able to make ". I've found some good stuff here.

This is cool. 3-D scribbling. If you have some of those old red and blue glasses you can supposedly see all this in 3-D as well, but I had fun just doodling. (Doodling and Googling are very similar words. I wrote googling like three times before I managed to type doodling.)

Here's what Google News would look like if everything in the world just went right for awhile.

I was amused by some of these pictures. This is what happens if you use an old camera that takes film (it's the digital age, keep up!) and use old expired film. Creepy.

I kept seeing this link on a bunch of pages I frequent regularly, and I wasn't even going to post it, but I watched it, and Brandon and Josi watched it with me, and we were all pretty amused by it. Gnar Wars. Star Wars on snowboards.

You ever have people call you and you don't know who they are? Weird 1-800 numbers and whatnot where people are trying to sell you something or get you to take surveys? Check this webpage and you can find out who those people are without answering your phone.

I love my funky shoelaces where I don't actually have to tie my shoes. They just go into my shoes and keep them tight enough for my feet to stay in them. But if you need to know, here's a bunch of different ways to tie your shoelaces.

I must have had at least half of these (or knew someone who did). Pictures of old toys.

Stores with Punny names. Some of these might be sort of not safe for work-ish type names. Innuendos and whatnot.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers 103, Celtics 98.

Oh man, still alive, still alive...

Roomba + Pacman = This.
There's not enough pen and paper gaming stuff on my page. Here. By the way, I played all but one of those modules. In case you care, it was Gargoyle.
Here's something awesome I owned as a kid.
Here's Al Green hanging out with Chicago. What a great song.
This game is awesome cause you get to draw your own avatar.
I thought this was funny.
Kinda weird, kinda cool. Moodstream.
Here's a neat game called Starshine.
Think you could do a better job with the budget than congress? Prove it.
Here's something fascinating: Things people have left behind in old books.
Epsilon: Cool game.
As tired as I am of desktop defender games, this one is cool cause it has a nice RPG aspect to it: Gemcraft.
Finally, I thought this was fun. Build the blocks to make the correct shapes from 3 angles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lakers 87, Celtics 81.

Man, that took longer than I wanted it to. Go Lakers.

Anyway, here's my debut album:

If you don't know what that means, check here.
Random Logo + Random motto = Hilarious.
Sometimes a joke requires a rimshot.
Learn math through current popular music. I think this is a good idea.
I love this blog. Monsters from classic movies.
Fascinating voting information.