Friday, January 11, 2008

Elmore Leonard and Alfred Hitchcock would have made great movies...

Play more games. Like Cube Logic.
Or, perhaps Chain Factor.
Can't decide which of those two games to play? Just Flip A Coin.
Potentially NSFW: Friday the 13th with a laugh track. It's inspired.
Definitely NSFW: Pulp Fiction Text. It's still fun. What ain't no country I ever heard of.
For when the pitching machine gets lonely. The batting machine.
Test your typing speed.
Kitty hates computer!
For Tolkien Fans: Battle of Pelennor and the Battle of Helmsdeep reenacted. Er...with Candy. (Thanks Dan!)

And the "My Heroes" Section:

Audio interview with Elmore Leonard.
Video interview with Alfred Hitchcock.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today we have a picture to enjoy.

Matrix vs. Fight Club. This is pretty well put together.
Joel found this really awesome game called Cursor, which is weird, and kind of hard to explain, but play with it and see if you can figure it out.
Sometimes you need a flowchart to know if you really want bacon.
This is what you'd get if cats designed webpages.
Actually, that same guy made a bunch of webpages. They're all kind of cool.
These people are called sleeveheads. They take weird pictures with album covers.
The most interesting places to see on Google Maps.
This is a totally bizarre Sylvania light bulb commercial, but with a great line in the middle of it that cracks me up. Actually it's pretty funny anyway.
Cats are Awesome.

Finally, today, we have a pic to enjoy.

These guys are installing those little parking thingies to keep people from driving up on the sidewalk. So, how long before they realize that where they parked might not have been such a good idea?