Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For Some Reason It's a Tuesday

Harry Potter. Word.
The World Series of Uno. Sort of funny.
Weird interactive head.
Nice CGI movie: Nazi Robot Attack!

The Umpatriots seem to be awesome. I've only watched a few of these, but these are my favorites:
The Orkin Man

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Playoffs Etc.

These are the movies I was talking about last week:

Jedi Dog
Lego Gatling Gun
Awesome Dinosaur Project
The Finished Dinosaur's in Action


Ads Vs. Reality
Parker Posey Movie
Totally Bizarre Japanese Potty Traning Video. (Warning: Cartoon Poop)
Fantastic Lounge Music Covers (Not Safe For Work Lyrics in some songs)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Midweek Madness

Scale model of the Universe.
Lawrence Kasdan is remaking Clash of the Titans.
Suicide Foods. A blog about food where the mascot is killing itself to feed you.
Clocky!The amazing alarm clock that runs away!
Blood Puddle Pillows. Nuff said.
Protecting the Border, Last Starfighter Style...

I had a bunch of Youtube videos to post, but Youtube appears to be down at the moment, so they may be coming tomorrow...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Little Weekend House Cleanin'

Apparently someone decided to do a Green Arrow movie. Actually, it focuses on SuperMax, the DC version of a superpowered prison, and Green Arrow being wrongfully arrested and put there, and his subsequent escape.
Sometimes, Cats just ride the Bus.
New Hulk movie coming. Starring Ed Norton. Hooray!
Bizarre, hilarious Will Ferrel Skit. Some not safe for work language, but oh, so funny.
Some totally not safe for work Rap, but haha, Weng Weng. Agent Double-O.
This is so totally cute. Pitbull vs. Kitten.
Somtimes video games steal ideas from movies. Or people. Sometimes they steal people.
Play some Monkey Kickoff.
I like heist movies. Here's a list of the top 10.
Here's a list of the top 10 reporter attacks. That reptile one is awesome.
Why do they say Roger on the radio?

Monday, April 9, 2007

It's Been Too Long...

This guy is a Kansas City Royals outfielder. He jumps over cars.
Perhaps you'd like to play some Lineage II? In a browser.
Or, perhaps you'd like to see Ads with Vans in them. (From Mangoat)
Haha, Hamster Shredder. (From Mangoat)
Wow, a Life Size Model Kit. (From Mangoat)
Here's a weird game. Who's Famousr? (From Mangoat)
There's nothing better than Magazines from the 70's.
Wordsworth's most famous poem, done as a rap song by a giant squirrel mascot. I don't make this stuff up.
Um...I don't know what this is, but if you click on the little buttons at the bottom you can see cool things.
Here's a long article about why women don't like horror movies, and how we need more female horror directors. I like horror movies and I'll read just about anything, so, here you read it.
Ooh, Kirigami pictures. Like Origami, but more so.
The wikipedia explains all there is to know about Lightsaber Combat.
Oh, wow, Classic American Television Commercials. Mmm....Chesterfield Cigarettes.
This is nice. Make your own picture stories.
This webpage is entirely in Russian, so God knows what they're actually saying. (Something about vodka, or bread lines, or it being cold probably). But what they're showing is how Disney clones cells of it's movies for use in other movies. The pictures are indisputable and cool.
Hooray for Donkey Kong and Post-it Notes. These guys have way too much free time.
Fantastico! American traveller guy Ryan Duzer ends up in a Honduran gameshow and wins a dance contest.
Google directions for getting from New York to Paris. Step 23 is difficult.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Monday is not the Funday

Rob Zombie's Halloween Trailer.
Hooray! Virtual Drums.
Haha, Superbad trailer made me laugh.
Trying to find that perfect blend of colors? Try Kuler.
Did Nasa accidentally nuke Jupiter?
Chaoscope shows the beauty of Chaos.
Hatfields and McCoys...Being from West Virginia I found it fascinating.
But not as fascinating as this: Vintage Toys.
Hey, look, Posters.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tue-, no it's Wed-, no, it's actually Thursday now.

Apparently St. Louis Cardinals fans own tractors. And have copious free time.
Hey, Bob (in the comments list, woot) pointed me to this. Cthulhu Nation. Online MMO for Cthulhuey goodness.
Haha, I like this. You're not allowed access to the internet unless you have ze good grammar.
Sports Pictures that are, well, you'll see.
Weird. A rolling bridge.
Awww....little babies born at the Zoo. They're so CUTE!
This is the biggest site filled with Trivia Games I've ever seen.
Ok, this is a website dedicated to Truly Awful things. There's some bad stuff on here, so you may want to skip it if you're, you know, delicate. Personally, I'm finding it hilarious.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Biggidy Bang Booma.

Ill-advised ventures into children's programming.
GTA IV. Word.
From the Questionable Special Effects Department.
Everything you ever wanted to know about little green army men.
This dog is smarter than most of the kids I know. (Not my kids. Those kids are smrt. I mean smart.)
I like Cthulhu stuff. Therefore, I like Clark Ashton Smith. Therfore, I like this webpage.
My friend Adam loaned me a DVD with this video on it. You should watch it. It's funny. Lots of cameos. (Adam, I think I still have your DVD. Too bad you moved to New York. Haha!)
In the category of things I like, HHGTTG is way up there. Here's some unreleased interviews with Douglas Adams from 1979, before he became incredibly famous.
I know people who like Gundam action figures, but this is ridiculous.
Did you like Gross Pointe Blank? I did. Here's a non-sequel sequel.
Or as Cusack pointed out, "Disney doesn't want to do a sequel. So it's pretty hard to take that specific character and setting and do one but I would like to. Like the further misadventures of...I have secret plans to do a non-sequel sequel."