Saturday, July 28, 2007

The awesome. Let me show you it.

OMG. The Awesome is coming.
Oh, yeah, plus it doesn't look like Jon Favreau screwed up Iron Man. Rob Downey Jr looks like a perfect Tony Stark.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mostly games today.

How do you say that in Sign Language? Here, these videos will help.
Baseball! Cool avatars, but this game is hard.
Took me a while to figure out how to play this game. But then it got addicting.
This game is wicked hard. Physics for the win!
Oh, yeah. And Beowulf.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Every Once in a while...

Every once in a while I have to do something to prove to my sister that I read her blog. So I'm posting my top five Album Openers, which by the way, will probably not look like anybody else's album openers since I have almost no musical connection to the kinds of things my sister listens to (although, I'm pretty sure that Top Gun CD she listed was mine...)

1) Run DMC
Year: 1988
Album: Tougher Than Leather
Track 1: Run's House

2) Public Enemy
Year: 1992
Album: Greatest Misses
Track 1: Tie Goes To The Runner

3) Greyboy All Stars
Year: 2001
Album: Mastered the Art
Track 1: Mastered the Art

4) Das EFX
Year: 1992
Album: Dead Serious
Track 1: Mic Checka

5) D-Nice
Year: 1990
Album: Call Me D-Nice
Track 1: Crumbs on the Table

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's some linky goodness:

Pound is an amusing short film.
Sphere is an escape from the room game.
Take some free courses from M.I.T.
Make some music with Chord Stuido.
Have a slap fight with your sister. It's Japanese so I have no idea what's going on, but there's a girl and you slap her and she tries to slap you and...yeah, there's really just no telling.

Ok, we're gonna end on that one.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Buddhists, Cameras, and Baseball. An Eclectic mix as usual.

Oh, man, Mom used to watch this show, and I used to watch this show, and this looks fantastic! Steve Carrell is Maxwell Smart!
Babies are cute, and dogs are cute, so check out Bumbo! And if that isn't enough, there's a part II!
Enter your blog address on this webpage and it will tell you you're rating. Mine is PG-13. I think because it mentions blood or killing in some of the game descriptions...
It's the Octapult. One of those bizarre things you only ever see on the internet.
Baseball is only fun if you actually get to play yourself. Play some baseball.
Alan Watts is a Zen Buddhist and a philosopher. As Watts himself would have said (I'm paraphrasing)"...I'm not advocating or selling Zen Buddhism. I'm just here to entertain." These videos were put together by the South Park guys over some old recordings of Watts. They're neat.
I always like posting games here. This one is from a camera company. It's called Temple of Zoom. I think you get a gift certificate for finishing it, so if you're out to buy a camera...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

First actual post from the new house.

Protect the servers!
Seems a lot like Vector Tower Defense.
How much is your corpse worth? You know. To science.
The last time Russel and Denzel got together it was sort of silly. This looks a little more dramatic.
Ok, this is impressive.
Neat card trick called Sam the Bellhop. Though the guy doing the trick seems a little sleazy...
Neat German commercial. The Wind.
Why is this dolphin pink?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Jen likes it when i tell you everything in a one sentence title, so here you go: we got a new house.

This is a fascinating little Youtube video of women in art. Morphing pictures of famous artwork featuring women.
I don't know if you know who Rube Goldberg is, but he was a cartoonist who designed crazy contraptions. Man I love these things.
New game for today: Bloxors.
I still like Star Wars, no matter how painful working on that stupid game was. Star Wars Bloopers They make-a me laugh.
Rowan Atkinson is :Spider-Plant Man! (& Part II)
Video game movie alert: Hitman. (Timothy Olyphant looks terrible with a shaved head, btw).
I like Alfred Hitchcock. Now he has his own Hitchcock Wiki. Fascinating stuff in there, particularly trivia, info about all the movies, and check out the 1000 frames where they show cool stuff from each movie.
For math geeks: Marble Adding Machine. (Well, I thought it was cool.)