Friday, December 19, 2008

28.6 lbs. in 30 days

If you'd like to lose that much weight, just like I did....well, good luck. Cause that was 3 replacement shake meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) a day plus a 600 calorie dinner for a whopping total of 1200 calories a day. For a month.

And I didn't kill a single person. I thought about it. But I didn't. I also didn't go crazy and eat 4 large pepperoni pizzas while humming old Fat Boys songs in my head, but I thought about that too.

Anyway, that craziness is done, and I'm down almost 30 pounds, and now I'm moving on to phase 2 of my diet which is 3100 calories (imminently more doable) and no more replacement shakes (thank you, God). The chocolate ones are ok, the Strawberries & Cream are edible, but the vanilla ones taste like chalk mixed with more chalk, and the Butter Pecan ones are good until you've had more that two of them and then they just start to taste like despair.

Anyway, diet is going good, I'm eating like a normal person for the first time since I was like 12, and I'm maintaining. That's my good news for the, well, year I guess, since it's almost 2009. (BTW, it's never too early to start thinking about getting me birthday presents. I'll be 37 on the 28th of January. 37 is a prime number. Prime rib. I'm off on a tangent.)

Anyhoo, here's some cool stuff to look at:

Chicken Head Tracking
. I found this bizarre, but kind of cool to watch.

Totally fake movie of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nun-chuks, which is still kind of awesome.

Pictures from the 1930's and 1940's in color. These are neat. I thought they would be boring when I started looking at them, and then I found I couldn't stop. These apparently arne't colorized, they're taken with some kind of color overlay used in the 30's and 40's.

Some guy build a robot out of legos to solve rubik's cubes. I'm faster than the robot, but I still like watching it. And yes, I know other people have done this before, I just think legos and rubik's cubes are cool. So there. My page, my rules.

Well, if you're going to be like that I'll end this post right now!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Movie day.

It's been a bizarre week. I lost my iPhone and had to buy a new one. Which meant I had to convince Allison to get a new one too to ease my guilt over having lost the stupid thing in the first place. So, two new 3-G iPhones later's not as exciting as the first time I got an iPhone, but it's It's good. It's all good.

Anyway, it's all movies today, so have at it. (note that there is no movie attached to the black list of scripts, but they're all movie scripts so it still counts).

Dogs Love Snow.

The terrifying French world of the Sims 3.

Carol of the Christmas Pickle. Christmas and pickles. Yum.

The Black List of Scripts. Script ideas voted by Hollywood executives as being worth looking into, but no one's doing them yet. Interesting stuff.

Dragonball movie trailer. Oh dear, I don't even watch this show and I know this looks terrible. And nothing like the show it's based on. Dear kids, I'm sorry Hollywood sucks. Here's some random college singing group doing the Pokemon theme to make up for it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

You, know...magpie stuff.

Man, I have to start updating more often. Somebody send me an email every week and brow beat me into updating my page. Or something. I'm a serious slacker. It's been like 2 or 3 weeks now. I'm not even sure. I'm too lazy to even check.

Magpies. So, I'm reading some internets and I come across this. Apparently Oxford and Cambridge, two utterly prestigious schools, ask some really bizarre questions on their applications.

For example: What would you do if you were a magpie? (thus my title up there).

Here are some more:

Would you rather be a novel or a poem? (Novel. I don't think I rhyme with anything.)

How would you poison someone without the police finding out? (I think this one is one they just send all the answers to the cops so they can start checking for this stuff).

Why don't they let the managers of Ikea run the country instead of politicians? (Seriously, that's one of the questions. How bout, "Cause we don't want the country to fall apart if someone bumps into it.")

What does it mean to be happy? (I think you'll have to ask a magpie.)

How would you market a rock band? (I think putting their albums in poetry books would probably work good, don't you think?)

If it could take form, what shape would the novel "To the Lighthouse" become? (Duh. Lighthouse.)

Can a thermostat think? (Can a writer for a college application?)

How do you organize a successful revolution? (Guns.)

Is it morally wrong to attempt to climb a mountain? (Depends on what the mountain thinks, I guess. Kilimanjaro, no. Everest, yes.)

If I were a grapefruit would I rather be seedless, or non-seedless? (There's a vasectomy joke in there somewhere, I just can't find it.)

Do you think you're clever? (No. I think I'm a magpie.)

Would you say greed is good or bad? (I think it's good. No, bad. No, wait. What do magpies think?)

I'm stuck on the magpie thing. I couldn't tell you why.

Again, someone remind me to update this thing more often and I will. Next time I'm going to put a picture up of the Santa and the reindeers my parents brought me from West Virginia. I'd do it now, but I haven't gotten the picture off my phone yet, and yes, I'm too lazy to do it right now. Sue me.

(For all the good it'll do you. I'm a magpie.)