Friday, August 24, 2007

Not dead yet...

You're probably wondering if I died or something (i did not) since I haven't updated this page for like 3 weeks. So, now i'm updating it so you know i'm ok. (Seriously, I'm ok.)

These are some neat pictures of San Jose, California, 1975 side by side with 2006.
Here's a list of 100 Film Sites. Someone may find that useful.
Also on the list of things someone might find useful, a comprehensive list of Breakfast Cereal Characters.
I'm full of the useful, so here's how to make your own bacon.
This movie looks fantastic: Be Kind, Rewind.
This just looks neat: 3-D projector.
Fun game alert - Metal Gear Slug
And a sequel to the fantastic asteroids 2 (where you played an asteroid) it's Asteroids 3!
Anybody want a free Statistics book?
Ever wanted to be an evil despot? Try Pillage the Village.
I know cops are always looking for creative ways to catch criminals, but seriously, a monkey on the SWAT team?
If you're tired of your own bacon, try rootbeer float cupcakes. Man, this is making me hungry.
The internet loves to bring you more info on Aerogel (also known as frozen smoke). I've been seeing this stuff for years now, seriously, where is it?
I don't usually bother with things like this but, warming?
And then here's some cool case mods. You know. For kids.
And this game looks spectacular. Team Fortress 2.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Birds, Quarters, Movie Reviews, and Runways.

Is this for real? This bird mimics sounds it hears in order to attract mates...including chainsaws it heard while people were tearing down the forest around it.
Learn how to do all kinds of neat coin tricks.
You can go watch all the old Siskel and Ebert reviews right here. Sometimes it's fun to see what they thought of old movies.
Pictures of the world's Most Dangerous Runways.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

That's weird wild wacky stuff.

Nice Youtube video explaining the meaning behind the lyrics of American Pie.
An analytical discussion of Red Shirt Deaths on Star Trek. (They fare much better when Kirk "makes contact" with a female of the alien planet.)
Videos of car crash tests. (Warning, loud music that might have a bad word in it somewhere).
Weird video of gymnasts on a trampoline simulating video editing techniques. Yeah, all those words don't seem to go together do they?
Weird mix of video games from the 80's and beyond.
Prison inmates in the Phillipines did a Thriller video. Yeah, I'm not sure why they did that. Or who let them. Maybe it was a good idea? Probably not a lot of fighting going on that day.