Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes

To understand what you're seeing, you have to see it in context first. That's Uncle Phil. He likes potatoes. And then, there's this, which as the Metafilter poster who originally posted pointed out, must be heard to be believed. There's more of that weird type of stuff on YTMND.

But that's what the internet is for, right? Weird stuff? What is Garfield without Garfield? It makes Jon seem sad and pathetic. Or, more sad and pathetic I guess, since he's always been a little sad and pathetic. Right?

Speaking of sad, this movie looks like it might have a touch of the sad. And also, the fantastic. It's described as what League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been. It also stars Lee Pace who I never heard of until the fantastically fun Pushing Daisies.

And speaking of pushing daisies (I am like a segway machine over here), John Alvin died. You probably never heard of him, but he created some of the most iconic movie posters of all time.

Ok, I'm done with the segways. Now I just want to show you cool stuff:

Like this: Casulo. Or, how to put an entire room into one tiny box.
Or this: Some of the most awesome architecture ever built.
How about Kriegspiel? A game only slightly more complicated than chess.
Or maybe Predictably Irrational. A game that teaches you a little bit about choice.
Speaking of games (I'm segwaying again) you should play Iron Dukes.
Or sign up for the PMOG beta. I'm still not sure what it is, but it's called a Passively Multiplayer Online Game.
Try not to eat any of these things while you play, though.

Oh, and I'm going to send this post off with some Eddie Izzard, in honor of the fact that he's coming to do a show in Austin. And because I love Legos, and nothing goes together better than two things I love...

The Death Star Canteen.
Cake or Death.
James Bond. (Jam Trousers)
British vs. US movies.
And Vampires.

There's lots more up there if you go look.

Oh, and I told Travis about this the other day, but I found the link. This is Phil Jupitus (Eddie actually introduces him in this clip) and he's pretty funny. But get to the end to see the awesome.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chapter 101. Things I found (part 101).

We're going to try something a little different. Today we're going to tell a story. Once apon a time Mr. Fancy Pants had an adventure somewhere in the world. No, wait, this idea sucks. Let's try something else.

Grid - 16.

Bah, that's too terse.

If only I could find the right tone. Kind of like if a 3-year old described Star Wars to you...

For some reason Star Wars reminded me I need some new furniture. Some kind of weird desk that would make people say, "That's awesome."

Wait, that's can't be real, can it? That's got to be some kind of optical illusion.

Like some kind of game that's not done but has a really neat premise (and a video).

I mean, there's some weird things to see on the internet.

It's never too late to get started.

But, I guess sooner or later Death comes for everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's this bloggy thing? Oh yeah...

I disappeared for more than a month and no one noticed. How sad for me.


Ok. I'll see what I have laying around. You'd think there'd be a lot.

How does Superman shave? Superman may be the only one that knows. No, wait, this guy knows and he'll tell you.
Hey, look at what the future will look like! (That's a young Wink Martindale, by the way.)
Bruce Campbell Rules.
Filler. It's a game. You know it's fun. I don't post games that aren't fun.
I would so live in this house.
I'm not sure Tracy Morgan hasn't just become Tracy Jordan at this point. (PS, watch 30 Rock. It's funny.)
I don't know if this is real or special effects, but this is some impressive soccer.
Oh yeah. There's some new Harrison Ford movie coming out...Something about a Crystal Skull?

Well, it wasn't that much I had saved up. I'll try not to disappear for a month again.

(Like you care).

//By the way, I just looked and for the record, this is my 100th post. That makes it somehow even sadder.