Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Woot. Walked a mile.

We did indeed hit our goal last night of walking a mile. We are like ready for the Olympics now. Or no, maybe that's not the case.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I have very little to say

That may be because this is day 2 of the diet. I'm skipping breakfast so I have enough points to enjoy Bone Daddies at lunch today. I didn't even manage to eat all 32 of the points worth of food I was supposed to eat yesterday. That's good, because I have some "banked" points I can spend at lunch today.

Also, we walked about 3/4ths of a mile last night. We're going to try for a whole mile tonight. We're supposed to get up to 3 miles a day at some point.

Also, I have some links:

Neat pictures of a Frozen Tidal Wave.

A very interesting Sci-Fi story. (both stolen from mangoat)

This company makes a heated jacket.

Here's a movie I want to see, and it's a western.

Diddy is checking out the goods.

Strange story about why Alfred Hitchcock wouldn't talk to Steven Spielberg.

For Kayla, Johnny Depp Rocks (For Charity).

Monday, January 29, 2007

I Like Math

So, I like Weight Watchers so far because it lets me do math while I'm eating. I like math. I have a handy conversion chart for figuring out how many points anything I'm eating is worth.

I got a journal on Saturday and I'm filling it up with everything I eat (plus ideas for writing stories), so I'm hoping to start losing some weight very soon. Must. Get. Smaller.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Slinky, Linky Friday

* New Will Ferrell Movie: Blades of Glory
* And from the people that brought us Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz
* I'm on a movie kick. I want to see more of Det. John McLane
* If you're drunk, and you can't find anyone else to fight, maybe you could fight some shrubbery.
* Your cat wants a Nintendo DS.
* Looking for a Guild Hall, in San Francisco?
* Wolves vs. Caribou, Wolves in a Squeaker.
* This is a horrible thing to do to a cat, but funny to watch.

More later, possibly.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Like a little blender with legs...

I totally see the appeal now of the Rogue class. Dear God. Is there anything it can't kill? When I played Parli up to 22 (priest) the Amani Berserkers were kicking the crap out of me. With Mungo the Rogue I can fight them two or three at a time. And I don't even have a heal.

Guess I better turn up the first aid.

In other news, Scientific American would like you to buy a better stereo. Or apparently, at least, a a louder one. I'd think with a car small enough you could just remove the engine and let the bass push you around. I like the idea of telling someone, "I get better milage with Snoop Dogg then I do with ZZ Top."

Oh, and Japan found another crazy sea critter. Didn't they find the giant squid too? Please don't swim in the ocean in Japan.

Oh, and everybody can relax. The NBA all star Dance Squad has been selected. So, you know, go about whatever it is you normally do.

Two last things, Harper's Index has you covered in case you were wondering something like this: "Estimated amount of glucose used by an adult human brain each day, expressed in M&Ms: 250"

And your Quote of the Day (From Charles Barkley) : "I remember sitting down with the Rockets and saying, 'Yeah. I'm going to retire.' They said, 'Well, we'll give you $9 million.' And I said, 'You got a pen on you?'"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Janessa too?!?

Apparently nobody but chicks read my blog. Kim, Kayla, and Janessa, my only 3 posters. I should find some nice stories about knitting or something to post here. Oh, wait, you're not all grandmas.

Though Janessa can't seem to remember her login name. Or she doesn't think the name she logged in under is hers. Or something.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We named the *dog* Indiana...

Sean Connery may come out of retirement for Indiana Jones IV, according to sources at IMDB.

Indy 4

Sean Connery is the awesome. Hunt For Red October, Time Bandits, Last Crusade, and one of my personal favorites The Name Of The Rose. Which you should watch if you haven't seen it. Even Christian Slater does a good job in that one.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, someone else is reading...

That would be Kayla. She reads it when I call and tell her to. (Hi Kayla!)

I'm so very happy that the Colts and the Bears won. God I hate the Hatriots.

The girls are very happy that football season is about to be over.

That just means more basketball as far as I'm concerned.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Things...

I talked to Anthony yesterday through Aim, told him I had a blog, and linked his and mine to hopefully increase some traffic. Though I don't even know if anyone's reading this. Except Kim. (Hi Kim!)

The point being, Anthony has a little Meme going on his sight (or did) that is "Five things you didn't know about me" and I thought it might be fun to play along. So for anyone reading, here's five things you probably didn't know.

1. I once had 14 assists in a church league basketball game. There wasn't an official scorer until the second half, and he recorded 10 assists for me for the second half, but there were at least 4 that me and my team mates could remember from the first half, so I got credited for 14. It might have been more. At the time, that was a record.

2. I once spent the day in jail. In Lacy Lakeview, Texas, for failure to pay a traffic ticket. They took my shoelaces. I asked the guy if he thought I was going to hang myself over a traffic ticket and he told me, they never take chances. That's probably a good policy. They gave me a people magazine that was about 5 years old, so I spent the better part of a saturday in a cell by myself reading about how popular Tom Cruise was going to be. If only they knew.

3. I once did a show as a rapper. At a church sleepover we went from church to church over the course of a friday night, and at one point they let me and two of my friends go onstage and rap for about a hundred people I'd never met. I acquitted myself pretty well, I think. I was the only one bold enough to do lyrics, one of my friends, the "DJ" pushed the button on the tape player (an instrumental version of "She Keeps On Passing Me By" by the Pharcyde) and the other stood next to me with a microphone saying "Yeah! Yeah!" Over and over again.

4. I wrote a book. About zombies. It wasn't bad. I plan to write more. I write all the time, but I'm pretty proud of that one. It neesd a title and some editing, and I'm actually going to see if I can get it published.

5. I once sold a cigarette for $100. To Richard Garriott, at a Christmas party. It was 1998 I think, and he might have had a drink or two, but I was on my last smoke, he asked for one, I told him I'd give it to him for a hundred bucks and he peeled five 20's out of his wallet. People were standing around him for the rest of the night ready to offer smokes, but I don't think anyone else got lucky.

Well, that's it. Hope you enoyed it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Like LINK Hayes from the Mod Squad...

Today, you get links:

The Inner Life of a Cell Very cool movie from harvard
(nice music, too)

Game of Thrones is apparently coming to HBO
(Still haven't read it)

Just things I was looking at this morning. Maybe I'll post some more later.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Crusade! It's Burning!


Now, see, that was funny.

Level 15 blood elf priest. Go me.

Nik's making me look bad with his level 23 paladin.

Go Parli! Go!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There's something cold falling from the sky...

It's snow. Again. That's three days in a row we've had icy roads, bad weather, and no work. Just got the email from my boss. I can't even begin to tell you how bizarre this is. This never happens in Texas, and when it does, it doesn't happen for 3 straight days.

Couple of quotes from last night that I wanted to post. I'll probably move them to ventrilo-y goodness at some point, but for now I just wanted to put them up here so anybody looking would see them:

From the General Chat Channel in WoW:

C****: You got boobs?

And from Farone and Dave in Vent:

Farone: Is there an easy way to sneak by these things?
Dave: Stealth?
Farone: Oh yeah. I do have stealth, don't I?

Ok. That's it. Back to your regularly scheduled internettin'.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hooray! Ice Day!

Huzzah! The combination of 29 degree weather, 90% rain, 
and Austin drivers being completely incompatible with that 
means no one goes to work!

Good God, I love this town sometimes. Our friend up in 
Canada will probably laugh when she reads this (Hi Kim!) 
but ice? Man, it shuts the entire city down.

So, I'm home, and I'll probably WoW it up at some point. 
But I promised I'd start posting to my blog more regularly, 
so here you go, some more of what I'm doing on a daily basis.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Screw it, I'm Blogging

I have to wait for my server to reload, so I might as well do something constructive, like write on my blog. Wait, that's not constructive.

Oh well.

EJ pinged me this morning. He's in Scotland. Our conversation went like this:

8:46 EJ: Well, I'm in Scotland.
8:46 Toad: Wow.
8:46 Toad: What's it like?
8:47 Toad: Is it raining?
8:47 Toad: Are there highlanders everywhere?
8:47 Toad: Can there be only one?
EJ Has logged off.

Not sure what to make of that.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 28, 2007

January 28th is my birthday. I will be 35.

Just so everyone knows.

All of you, buy me presents.

Yeah, I give up

On Sudden link. I'm just using this as my home page now.

Good for me.

Check it, Peeps

As you can see to the right over there, there's a list of the quotes pages, so you can click on one of those and go see quotes.

I'm pretty cheesy, I figured I'd just make a blogspot for each section, and go that way til i figure something else out, though this might be the best way to do it.

If I get really bored I might actually just use this space to blog stuff, and I'm seriously considering my normal links page getting moved over here, since this is stupid easy to edit.

Anyhoo (good lord, I'm blogging!) check it out, and maybe let me know what you think.