Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Vs. Day

To begin with, it's Vs. day. Syfy channel vs. 1980's/90's pop music. Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson. Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. What, what's a Gatoroid?

And see, now I'm done with the vs. theme. I just wanted to start off with that because, really, Mega Python vs. could you go wrong. But there's other things to look at.

See, there they are down there.

It's not just that it's Lego Chess. That would be awesome enough. It's that it's Robotic. And the pieces move. And it's quite possibly the most awesome act of nerderry the world has ever seen. It's at the very least in the top 10, chess/lego related acts of nerdism that's possible.

This guy might have the most unique drum style I've ever seen. He's good, there's no doubt, it's just the way he plays pushes him over the top.

The Green Hornet trailer is all over the place, so I just picked a spot that had it and linked it over there. Seth Rogen is definitely Seth Rogen, but still it looks like fun.

Sometimes Travis sends me things that he thinks look terrible, and then, much to his chagrin, I like them. Like RED. Travis's one sentence review: "Looks like Grumpy Old Assassins." Sure, but it's got John McClane, Helen Mirren, Being John Malkovich, and the voice of the Penguin movie in it. Not to mention Dr. McCoy, Young Mr. Hooper, the original Hannibal Lector, Gans from 48 hours, Dr. Doom, and futuristic New York's most famous cabbie. Throw in Weeds, and this might be a more impressive cast than the Expendables. And I thought the trailer looked like fun.

So I guess this post ends with me vs. Travis.

Hey look at that, I brought the theme back.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


There's nothing about this movie that isn't awesome. First of all, it's about Norwegian Ninjas. Second of all, did you see the first part? About the Norwegian Ninjas? Cause that part was the part that was pretty awesome. Third, it's sort of based on a true story that has something to do with this guy. But really, just the Norwegian Ninjas part is pretty cool.

When I first found the video for Office War, I thought it was pretty cool, but man, Norwegian Ninjas. That's killing me.

I gave up on Lost after the last episode of season 1 because, well, there was all this cool stuff going on, and then they showed me that horrible smoke monster and I was like, meh. But this guy explains Lost in 3 minutes, so if you didn't watch it at all, or if you abandoned it somewhere along the way, like I did, well, you can save yourself all the time and trouble it would take you to go to the Wikipedia and try to figure out what happened.

This guy just makes all kinds of cool pancakes, presumably using some kind of food coloring and big plastic squirty bottles. I dug the Bacon and Egg Pancake.

Also, this is a weird webpage, and it took me a while to figure out that you had to click on the images and move the mouse around to get the guy to do things, but it's called Self Control Freak.